Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Thank you so much...
...for all your love and heartfelt wishes for Nokie's recovery. I have instructed our webmaster to list as many responses as I can find in the limited time I have from sources on the internet including our dear friend Thom Bresh. Updates to this page will be added as I find them. I apologize if I have not found and listed everyone who writes or comments, but please know that Nokie and I love each and every one of our fan club family. ó Judy Edwards

Ron Haft
Come back Nokie!

Dan Bedford
Lord, let Nokie recover completely Amen.

Barry McCloud
I am so saddened by this news, but our prayers go out for one of the legendary guitar players of our time. Thanks Thom for letting us know.

Dave Pomeroy
Thanks for the update, Thom! Will keep Nokie in our prayers. He is a sweet guy...

Pam Belford
Prayers going up right now.

Lew Skinner
Learned a lot of great guitar licks from Nokie. Hope it all works out great for him and his good wife! All the best - Lew Strange

Johnny Sizemore
Sorry to hear that Thom. Prayers!!

Karen S Solomon
Well they are awesome people... my highest thoughts are with them many times a day... I know they both need strength!

Richard Fagan
Prayers going out... Keep the faith.

Keith Bilbrey
Prayers going out for Nokie, one of my guitar heroes!

Beth A. Franke
I've been on the road for 5 weeks; this is the first I've heard of it - thank you for posting this.

Jack Kirby

Danny Timms

Kerry Patrick Hodge
Thanks for update, Thom, one of every guitar players hero.

James Anthony
Get well soon Nokie

Valerie Spencer LeMaster
...Sending prayers Thom...

Jay Peterson
Thanks for letting us know. I'll pass this along to others in Maine at the big Lenny Breau tribute. We're all pulling for Mr. E.

Larry Wimmer
Heartfelt prayers for Nokie!

Tony Ray Jones
Praying Gods healing power over him!

Bob Harpo Bogdal
My thoughts are with him :)

Frank Krupit
Positive thoughts headed Nokie's way. Probably my very first guitar hero.

Crystal Deane
Nokie, I'm praying for you, buddy!

Gary Ciocci
Thinking of you Nokie, best wishes

Kathy Boehm

RJ Galloway 
Oh man, I just read this Thom. Prayers for his complete and speedy recovery...

Ingo Salmen
Thanks for the update, Thom! Please keep us informed!

Daniel Hicks
I'm praying for him and you too Brutha!

Lee Silby Jr
All Prayers are out Lee....

Larry Kordower
My good thoughts are with Nokie and Judy

Bryan James Norton
I will be praying for Nokie...as well as putting him on our prayer list at church

David Ironwing
you got my prayers all day

Gerry Mcivor
I pray you get well Nokie

Jerry Arhelger
Prayers of healing over Nokie and peace and comfort over Judy. Love and blessings to you Thom. Thanks for the update.

Wild Willard
Thanks Thom.

Audie Wykle
My prayers are with Nokie and Judy!

Cheryl Lavalley yesiwillpray.com

Jo Deaton
Ok will send my prayers.

Eddie Troianetti

Bob Gardner
Warm positive thoughts and prayers going Nokie's way from Henderrsonville.

Christine Setzer
Prayers from us as well!!

Vilma Kinney
We'll keep him in our prayers. xxx

Gail Gray Garvin
Love and prayers going to Nokie and Judy.

Pedro Sera-leyva
Nokie is in my prayers.....God Speed!

Linda Hart
In my prayers get well soon.

Jim Pasquale
In my prayers Breshman

Gareth Barnes
Love and prayers from us in Japan.

Tim Harvey
I'll wear my knees to a frazzle praying for Nokie.

David Norris
Prayers up man!!!

Glenn Douglas
Tubb Dottie and I will pray for Nokie, Thom. God is in charge.

Scotty Burton
In my prayers

Karen S Solomon
Thom I love the song that you wrote and I also love the guitar that Nokie is playing.... Let's do it two times...
Click here!

Tabitha Peek
My prayers are with your friend Nokie.

Karen Skidmore Smith
Prayers for Nokie and for Judy Edwards

Photo: Lynn & Bill Chilton send their best to Nokie.
Lynn & Bill Chilton
Send their best to Nokie.

Brad & Tammy Clark
In our prayers

Eileen Sisk
I did not know. Thanks for letting us know. Hope he rebounds soon.

Jerry Renshaw That's terrible news. Prayers.

Kenny Duncan
Sorry to hear of this Thom. Will definitely have him on the prayer lists.

Carmen Dahl
Our thoughts and prayers to all

Rick Jennings
:( So sorry. In our thoughts and prayers. Thanks for the updates

Debbie Hupp
Sending good vibes his way Bresh.

Denisa Len
prayers hon. xoxo

Randal Smith
Thanks for the information, Thom. I've been a Ventures fan since 1964. Prayers sent.

John Hite
On my prayer list.

Ed Beaver
God bless the three of you!

Jennifer Allyson Wood Langford
Nokie is in my prayers, Babycakes! You know I am a living, breathing testimony of God's healing power...I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES!!!!

Rick Gustafson
OMG. Oh Nokie you will have to "Walk, Don't Run" to your recovery. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. The first song I ever figured out "off the record" as a teen was "Diamond Head." Get well soon.

Derrel Jordan
Thanks Thom

Dennis Mitchell
Will do Thom, thanks!

Shawn Camp
Wow this is the first I've heard of this... And, I've had him on my mind for a few days... Sending up prayers.

Kyle Smith
In our prayers.

Bobby Keel
Hang in there Nokie.

Kim Butler
Thanks Thom for update.

Susie Williams
Thanks Thom, prayers for Nokie, hope he is back home with us soon.

Wayne Wesley Johnson
I tried to call you the other day, Thom, as I am sure many have. Thanks for the update on Nokie. I will say prayers for him and Judy today at my church service.

Douglas Dbl D Dalton

Robert Stone
Stay in the Pipeline Nokie.. Prayin for you buddy...

Kiriel Solene
Have him in the most highest ... Thanks for letting us know... love always Kiriel

Lisa Moody Trainer
Prayers for your friend!!

David Byers
I'll Sure Be Praying For Him !! What A Great Man ! We Wish Him Well .

Christopher Grener Done.

Andy Garrett
He is in our prayers

Pearl Clarkin
Sending prayers!

Adriene Smith
Prayers Japan is a long way from home :-(

Hans-Dieter Hellmann
I heard about the illness of Nokie and I'm very sorry to hear, read this. Wishing him all the best and a speedy recovery.
Our thoughts and prayers are with Nokie and you.

Charles in Canada
My wife and I are sending prayers and positive vibes to you, Nokie and all the family during this trying time. Nokie continues to inspire my guitar playing.

Bud, Jennifer, Joel and Kirby Easler
Kirby and I saw the post Bresh made on Facebook about Nokie. Please know that you both are continuously in our prayers. I pray for healing in Nokie's body and strength and endurance for you. May God Bless You Both!

Chris and Gail Beuhler
We want you to know that Gail and I are praying for you both. Get well soon, and we will see you in the sunny south this winter! Lots of love.

Hello Judy... So sorry to hear/read about Nokie's health...but so glad to read that he is doing better!!! We are praying for a "Speedy" recovery & also that the doctors can get his pacemaker to work the way it should so that Nokie will get/feel better. so glad he did NOT have a heart attack or a stroke as earlier reported. have been a "fan" of The Ventures & Nokie's music for many years...50 plus years. I saw in the videos on YouTube that he would have to sit while playing his music either with The Ventures or other groups & I felt like he was not in the best of health but he would still be there for the "fans" doing what the Good Lord has "Blessed" him with...his musical talent. I wanted to let you know you both are "Loved" & are being Prayed for. Thanks for the "updates" & as I said earlier...we & many others are praying for Nokie. Take care... Love in Christ, Wayne/Carol Seay
I, of course, have always been stunned by Nokieís genius on the guitar like all of his fans, but when I got to know Nokie, I was much more impressed with Nokie the man. Heís my buddy and I am his friend, true friend. One of the things that Nokie taught me was that most people are good, a few rotten apples get all the attention, but the vast majority of people are good. I thought about that I lot when he said that as we walked around Epcot after the gig and before the light show. I realized it is so true. In journalism for decades, I had become a bit cynical yet here ole Noke, a man I truly admired, reminding me of a simple, never changing truth ó that folks everywhere are good. Abraham Lincoln couldnít have said it better than Nokie.

With that positive vibe from Nokie, Iíve always felt better being around him. I found I knew how to make Nokie laugh and he knew how to make me laugh and bring out the simple joy of living. I know everybody feels better being around Nokie. His musical gift to the world is huge, but what is even bigger is the feeling of warmth and honest friendship he imparts to others, everyone Iíve ever seen around him. That is a much greater gift and one that he is probably not even aware of. Nokie makes all of us appeal to the better angels of our nature. I didnít say this first. Abraham Lincoln did, but it is quite true applying it Nokie.

All our love and prayers for Nokie... God Bless... Larry and Judy2

Hi you two... We want you to know that Gail and I are praying for you both. Get well soon, and we will see you in the sunny south this winter! Lots of love, Chris and Gail Beuhler
Dear Judy... I've just heard the news from Tim Wilson. My love and healing prayers are with Nokie right now and also with you. If there is anything I can do please let me know. If you need help in any way, okay? All my love to you dear one. Nokie will be okay no matter what... Everything is in Divine Order. Stay strong...there is love, light and Angels supporting you both right now for the highest good of all concerned. With love... Lisa Johnson
Just seen the website news, suggest a big bottle of sake might help! And best wishes for a full recovery from all your fans in England, perhaps we might see you again in England next year and try and bring your old backing band with you, Don Wilson and the Waddle Don't Runners. Best wishes... Graham in England
Dear Nokie & Judy... I was stunned to hear the news of Nokie's illness. He is in my prayers. He has been my favorite guitarist for many, many years and always will be! Get well, Nokie! Your the best! Your lifelong fan... Vito A. Calamito Sr.
Judy... I know you are going through tough times. I know you are scared. Joy and I are praying for you and Nokie. You know I am here for you guys, if you need me. Continue to be strong... Jack DeFranco
Hi Judy... I just read about Nokie suspending his tour in Japan and want you to know that Lou and I are sending our thoughts and prayers that heís on the mend from whatever the cause may be. Please let him know we are thinking of him, as we are of you. Best regards... Joni
Hi Judy... Just heard from Tim Wilson that Nokie had a heart attack [thankfully not true] in Japan. My respect, love, admiration and prayers go to him. God bless... George Terry
Judy... Both the UF2 & FANS OF THE VENTURES forums continue to post regular updates based on your periodic progress reports on Nokie's site. And we all continue to pray for THE KING'S RECOVERY. Kindest regards, Tom
Judy... Nokie and you are in my prayers for a quick recovery and comfort I know you are in the thoughts of countless family friends and fans please keep us posted With regards and love... Joe Rosignolo
Aunt Judy... All our prayers and love are with you both. I love you both so much. I am so sorry to hear what you are going through right now please give Uncle Nokie our love and keep me updated on what is happening... Jim - Amber - J.C. - Lenora, Ares and Jacey
Thank you Nokie for all the great music! I learned to play guitar listening and playing along with the Ventures albums I bought. I always wanted to play guitar just like you!! Get well, ďWalk, Donít RunĒ, and keep your heart in shape!  Iíll always be a FAN!  God bless... Jim Lidia
Dear Judy!
I pray everyday till Nokie is going to be better!
This photo is in Hokkaido Obihiro, it was 20 years ago.
I wanna hear Nokie's guitar again. I played bass with Nokie in Japan 1994. I worry about Nokie. I pray for nokie to cheer up! Say hi to Nokie!!

Love from... Kouichi Saitou

Judy we are all with you back here, hang in there. If you can put a guitar in his hand and he will probably start moving on the spot. Ha,ha, you have our thoughts and prayers, wish we could be there with you. Sorry for the late response been out of town. Love you two.... Marianne & Roy Florance, Oregon
Nokie I wish you a speedy recovery. You will always be in our prayers and love. Thank for all the beautiful music you gave to our world and will continue to do so. We love you.  Happy Trails buddy!!!... Indian Mike of Wakefield, Ma.
Dear Judy, I know you get thousands of emails. I miss you both. Get Well Nokie.  You are a gift to the world.... Papa Bruce (formerly of lil Mama d. Carlo's in Placerville)
Judy, I just wanted to let you know that Nokie and you have been in my prayers since this ordeal started. My prayer is for a full and speedy recovery for Nokie and continued strength for you as you minister to him... David Glymph
Hi Judy, glad to read Nokieís doing better. Please tell him all his fans in the SCV are pulling for him, and thank you very much for keeping us posted!!! Cheers... Stephen K. Peeples, Canyon Country, CA
Hi Judy, Lauri called last night to tell me that Nokie is in the hospital in Japan. Iíve been keeping you in my prayers and will continue to pray diligently for Godís healing hand on Nokie, for wisdom and skill for his doctors, great focus and intuition for his caregivers, and for peace of heart for you. It must be very hard to be going through all this in a foreign environment, but I pray God will send some angels your way to help you weather this tough time. Please let me know how he is doing when you have an update. Bill was beyond thrilled to hear what your gift of a guitar did for Carry the Cure ó it will enable them to reach out to so many more young people in rural Alaska. Blessings... Suzy Crosby
Dear Judy, upon hearing the news from Tim Wilson about Nokie, I wanted to let you know my thoughts and prayers are with you. I also got the word out (including the official statement from The Ventures website) to some of my Facebook connections through my "Denny A Surf Band" Facebook site to pray for Nokie and you. This included Merrell Fankenhauser (his son, Tim, has made guitars for Nokie), The Beach Boys FB site, The Chantays FB site, Dipinto Guitars, The Meshugga Beach Party Band, Christian Surfers International, The Eliminators Surf Band, et al. Merrell was quite concerned and asked me for your email address. I gave to him since there was a connection with Nokie and his son Tim. I'll continue to monitor The Ventures webpage to pass on any news. May the Great Physician and God of all comfort be with you and Nokie.... Dennis
"Therefore let those who suffer according to God's will do right and entrust their souls to a faithful Creator". I Peter 4:19.
Judy, I think of you two very fondly and you and Nokie are the the highlight of going to CAAS. That is because I go for authenticity and heart. Especially playing with Nokie was a lifetime achievement for me. Please also tell him that and what a big deal it was for me. I tell people about it all the time. Prayers, prayers, prayers, and blessings from God now and always... Zachary Bergen
Our prayers are with you both. Thank you so much Judy for your updates. God love you. Get well soon Mr. Edwards. Sincerely, Heather Springhill, Nova Scotia
Hi Judy, glad Nokie is doing better. Hopefully he is on the mend. It will take some time, it took me at least six weeks to get over open heart surgery. Any way let's all hope Nokie gets well soon and is back to doing what he loves. Love ya' Gary-n-Cathy
Dear Judy, I will make this short as you must have a mountain of things to do, few other people in my life have impacted my musical career more than Nokie. I was shocked to find the news of his condition and would like to make a suggestion that will help if you will look into it. Find a copy of the video, Forks Over Knives by Dr.'s T Collin Campbell and Caldwell Esselston. This is the best I have seen on heart recovery in my 36 years of working with this problem. My good friend and fellow musician Moon Mullins (Champion thumb Picker) was given a short time to live over ten years ago. At my suggestion, he spent 21 days at the Wildwood Lifestyle Center, Wildwood Georgia. Today his recovery is complete and as a diabetic/heart patient he is also off all insulin and still picking. Some day I would like to pick with Nokie. My favorites were both Doc Watson and Chet Atkins and I never had a chance to play with either. Tell Nokie thanks for all the things I was able to learn from him over the last 50 years. Howard Doss
Glad to hear you're doing better and hope to meet you again soon. Met you at NAMM Chicago in 1964 or 5 when The Ventures were promoting Mosrite (I was 16 and had bought every Ventures album the minute they came out). I've never forgotten how kind you were to me as my #1 guitar mentor and YOU ALWAYS WILL BE! I finally own a '64 Mosrite (red) and think of you every time I play it. Prayers, Love and Blessings to you and your family. ó James (Bud) Cornell
I read in your newsletter of Nokieís recovery and treatment in Japan. Very glad to hear that his recovery is progressing and he enjoyed hearing Chet Atkins' early years music. Chetís music has always influenced my guitar playing along with the music of the Nokie and the Ventures. One of my favorite Venture LP's was their country album. I bought my first Fender guitar in 1964 as a result of Ventures pristine recordings of that era. Once I learned that Nokie and the Ventures were fans of Chet Atkins, I knew I was following the right path with my playing. I carried that guitar with me and played wherever I could while in the US Army at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma. I met a lot of Okie musicians while stationed there. I wish a speedy recovery to Nokie and a quick return to playing guitar, which might just be a good part of his therapy. Thanks for the music! Ronnie Evans, Franklin, NC
Miss Judy... How are you and Nokie doing? I am here with John Richards and we were just saying how we missed the two of you... Thomas Divines
Hi Judy... I was saddened to hear of Nokie's recent illness but gladdened to hear of his steady recovery. I met Nokie for the only time at the "Meet and Greet" at The Marriott Hotel, Orlando in Florida in 2009. I had come over from the U.K. to fulfill a dream held for the previous 49 years as a Ventures fan since I was 12 years old in 1960. Nokie took time out to speak to me about his musical "tastes" and for that conversation I will be eternally grateful. As a fairly "quiet" man he made time to spend with me although I was floating about three feet off the ground at the time. May I please wish Nokie a speedy recovery and send my very best wishes and prayers to you both. Very best regards, Trevor Hatch
Hi Judy... I'm Etienne a French record collector and I was very lucky to meet you backstage at Busch Gardens FL on March this year. I was introduced to you by Big J from Indiana one (the most) greatest supporter of the Ventures. I've been told that NOKIE has been seriously ill while touring in Japan and hospitalized. Me and my family (Lauren and Agnieszka) would like to wish him a quick recovery. We think about him all day long. God bless you all.
Nokie started me on the Bass and Iíve never forgotten! Wishing Nokie the Best and hope he is doing better. GET WELL SOON! We All Love You, Jim Sherwood, Tacoma, WA
Hi Judy, I have been following Nokie's progress on line for a few weeks and felt I had to drop you an email to wish Nokie a full and speedy recovery, these must have been difficult times for you and no doubt dealing with the language barrier an added problem. Don't know about you, but my Japanese isn't too hot! Nice to see Tommy Emmanuel has sent his best wishes. Kindest regards to you and Nokie from all his UK fans, Rod Iveson, Huddersfield, England
Judy, I am trying to keep up with Nokie's progress on the web site. Please know that we are thinking of you and Nokie. So sorry you are going through this. I know you are getting thousands of emails, I just wanted you to know we are there with you (Shirley and I have been through this, we know what it is like) Stay Strong, Love you, Lance and Shirley Hunt,Virginia
Hey Judy... I just wanted to send some support from Sweet Home, I hope you are holding up OK and I think of you guy's often. You are the best of the best and safe travels back home to both you and Nokie :-) Hopefully soon, I've been wanting to get down that way and see you guy's but my schedule has been fairly full if not for the cost of fuel and actually coming that way. I would like to stay in closer contact and to help support you guy's though this. It would be nice to visit a bit. I love hearing Nokie play :-) My best healing wishes to you both :-) Mark Devlin
Dear Judy... Thank you so much for posting Nokie's progress on the fan website. Prayer can move mountains with so many of us around this big world praying for the same things. I sent Anne Murray a message to tell her of Nokie's progress. We all went to the teenage dances in the late 50's and early 60's, and Anne sold the tickets at the door. That was a long time ago. She is truly enjoying retirement and I don't believe she sang anywhere in over a year. Her daughter Dawn is also a beautiful singer. Anne has written a book and it is so very interesting. Judy, have you ever considered this, of course at a future time? I so enjoyed the Christmas video of you and Nokie's good friend, Thom Bresh, attending Christmas dinner at your place, I could also taste the beautiful cooking. I may be wrong, but I think he wrote some music for Anne. You are an amazing strong woman Judy, and only those of us who have had the same experience with our own husbands, can truly know what it has been like for you. Please take care of yourself as well, the stress is unreal, and therefore so very important to take care of yourself, and accept help at times like this. (It's hard I know, but people are so wonderful and as Nokie had once expressed on his website, "People are mostly good" and that is so true. Again, many thanks for keeping us all posted, and may God Bless you Both. Sincerely, Heather Black, Springhill, N.S., Canada.
Hi Nokie and Judy... Here Michel, your very very long time Montreal fan. I just read your latest news about Nokie's condition and got a great smile into my face. I have prayed so hard for you and for Judy, I just think God listens to me, sometimes not, but this time, Yes. I will videotape tonight for my new DVD and I will have a very good time thinking about yours and I will try to transmit it into my face and my fingers while I will play with my (signed by Nokie) old 1966 Joe Maphis Mosrite guitar. I will still pray for you until I will see you playing your fabulous guitar again. Cheers, Michel Perillard, Brosard, P.Quebec, Canada.
Judy... I havenít been in contact for many years (shame on me) but you and Nokie were good enough to sell me one of Nokieís Fender Telecasters several years ago and shipped it to me here in Northern California. Iíve since retired and have been goofing off with several hobbies and having fun, but try to keep up with Nokieís trips and adventures when I can. Unfortunately, I havenít kept up recently and just discovered (via the UF'ers) Nokieís health issues in Japan. I see from the latest update that heís getting better after all the surgery and care over there, and thatís great news! Heís so lucky to have you by his side and I, for one, am happy about that too. Please add this note to the many that you have been receiving to wish Nokie (and you) the best for a complete recovery and the ability to get back in the saddle again! Many, many, best wishes and prayers, Bill Tubbs
Nokie and Judy... I am sorry I did not write sooner, but I felt like you had enough on your plate. My entire family is praying for the two of you and are confident Nokie will be better soon. Please let us know if there is anything we can do. Hope to see you soon. Bob Seus and all the Seus'
Judy... We here in Brazil are praying and thinking positively for Nokieīs return to activity soon. Please let him know that he has a huge number of fans, and that we look forward to have his next release ASAP. Good luck to all of you and my very warm and best wishes.  Take good care of him. Um grande abraÁo.
Dear friends you have been in our prayers and it sounds as though they are being answered. Enjoyed playing with a group that came to town to attend the annual Bean Fest, a pleasure to play with good players. Mountain View is known as the folk music capitol of the world. Musicians from all over the world come to play here. I didn't know that Walk Don't Run was a folk tune, but it is played when certain of us get together. Nokie, continue to get better. It would interest you to know that a good friend of mine was in WW II on Okinawa and served as a medic, later he received the Congressional Medal of Honor for the rescue of over 75 of his fellow men lowering them one at a time down the escarpment to safety, the catch was that he refused to carry a gun. He passed away some six years ago and that was a tragic loss, he was known to have on several occasions treated Japanese soldiers. I was interested to learn in a medical class I was attending this past week that Okinawa has a large number of people that live to be over a hundred, this is due to their lifestyle. We will continue to keep you in our Prayers! Howard and Ruth the Dosses
Hello you two. Love from us, Marit & Tom Wright, old fans from Minnesota... We think of you always, especially your kindness to fans... we will always be your fans and wish we could see you with Nokie performing his great guitar numbers more often. We will someday be in a position to travel and again to cheer for Nokie and you both, in doing what we know you both like to do the most and that is to be making great guitar music like only Nokie can play. We have been such fans of you Nokie, and of course your partners Bob, Don and Mel... Mare and I remember you when you played your concert in Duluth, MN. Think 1964 and it was at the Duluth Curling club, (big old brick building) those certainly were for us the good old days, and wonderful memories, we were young and in love, ďand still areĒ. Something you may not realize is that youíre style of playing guitar has greatly influenced me and my guitar playing and I keep trying to learn from you Nokie. None of us fans can equal what you can do, but we love learning... thanks for everything you and your wonderful wife Judy have done for us and being friends. Best wishes and continued speedy recovery, and much, much love from Tom and Marit , ďfansĒ. PS - Love the tune "Sunny RiverĒ I know you know it, no one else plays it, you guys came up with it.... Thanks. 



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