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I would like all Nokie fan club members to know the only person in Japan authorized to represent the Nokie Edwards Fan Club and merchandise is Mr. Ryusuke Tomiyama of Hokkaido, and his staff.

Thank You,
Nokie Edwards


For Canadian purchases only you can go to Mr. Entertainment Music stores in West Edmonton Mall or Londonderry Mall, Alberta Canada to buy Nokie's merchandise starting in Oct. 2005

Nokie Edwards Hitchhiker Electric Guitar Cable
The copper core plugs are matched to our own design very low capacitance cable enhancing sonic punch and providing a more natural sound. Designed to provide a full frequency response in all instruments. Rugged and practically indestructible.

We believe them to be the highest quality instrument cables manufactured today. Made for stage or studio. Protect your signal from instrument to amp! The Nokie Cable is a very low 17 PF per foot capacitance. The best sounding 20 foot instrument cable on the planet. Straight Plug on one end and Right Angle on the other.



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Nokie Edwards Hitchhiker Acoustic-Electric Guitar Cable
Patented design (#6,609,907). The tip is crimped directly to the hot wire resulting in 3 metal transitions allowing a cleaner signal path. Cables ared esigned to produce a "Transparent" sound in Acoustic Guitars Allows the full range of sound to be heard. Noise Free design suitable for Live Applications or Studio Low Capacitance cable 36 PF per foot. Pliable PVC Jacket making it a snap to wind up, Tangle Free. Brass Sleeve over twice as conductive as steel.



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