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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Information and Photos about Nokie's & Judy's Adventures "On the Road"

October 15, 2013
We were hit by a heavy typhoon last night and this morning. Now after 7 am we still are getting heavy winds and some rain in side areas. Our departure this morning has been delayed until around noon. We will be traveling behind the Typhoon to our next area headed to Iwate Prefecture, Kanegasaki City. Our prayers go out to the Philippine earth quake victims and Japan devastation. Nokie and I are OK. Packed and ready to go to see the Iwate and Yamagata area Zaou and Hakutaka City area Nokie and Venture fans. Following the typhoon out of Tokyo at noon will give us safe travel to Iwate City. We will give an update when possible. God Bless...
Nokie & Judy

August 11, 2013 
It was just great to be part of the competition at Fairbanks Tanana Valley Fair... To watch the boys and girls, men and woman take part in playing riffs with the same guitar/amp, having the same amount of time to get their licks off... And to watch someone take home the grand prize of a beautiful Godin guitar, a framed signed grade A LP of Telstar, a T-shirt of Nokie's 77th birthday celebration on tour last year in Japan, plus 3 CD's including his new Latin CD that arrived to Alaska for the first sales!

Marc Brown and Blues Crew did a beautiful job and we will have the opportunity to have them to back Nokie once more this tour at The Blue Loon this coming Friday night, August 16th. If you are in or near Fairbanks, stop by and shake the hand of a living legend Nokie Edwards. Hear the great tunes of songs gone by, but not forgotten and to hear your own hero' and Grammy winning band Marc Brown and The Blues Crew.

Meeting the Alaskan fan family has been a wonderful time for both Nokie and I. They are some of the most gracious people and true to their native traditions. Some of the Alaskan Natives came to Nokie to tell him they listened to his music in their smoke houses or huts many years ago when they had nothing but a small radio to communicate with during the long Winters. I had no idea that a Alaskan Indian would even listen to Surf and Surf Rock... Nokie was playing country when he came through Alaska in 70's and 80's, yes I can see that, but in the early 60's? It was beautiful listening to the stories and see the smiles of love on their faces for the music and Nokie.

I will try to post some of the emails and story's told to us by the Nokie & The Ventures fan family in Alaska.

Come see us at the Blue Loon Friday August 16th in Easter, just outside Fairbanks headed to Anchorage. Again come and shake the hand of a Living Legend and hear some great music from Marc Brown and Blues Crew. I'll see you there... Judy



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