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Friday, November 20, 2020

Nokie Edwards Picks On The Beatles is a posthumous album from guitar legend, Nokie Edwards, who rose to fame in the 1960s playing with the popular US surf-rock band, The Ventures. Originally recorded in 1996, the album is produced by noted Filipino guitarist, Ramon "RJ" Jacinto, and finds Edwards reworking 13 classic Beatles tunes as well as John Lennon's 'Imagine' in his own distinctive style. The album captures Edwards at the peak of his powers; and his combination of flawless technique with a gift for melody shows why his Japanese fans dubbed him "The King Of Guitars." This MQA-CD plays back on all CD players. When a conventional CD player is connected to an MQA-enabled device, the CD will reveal the original master quality.

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It's Time...

Letting go a part of your life with your beautiful, talented, gifted husband is a hard thing to do. Life has a way of overtaking you... Paying bills and moving forward is something we all have to do at one time or another. These precious personal items of Nokie's history are pieces of our life together, but even after they are gone, no one and nothing can remove the memories of our love for that special person in our lives.

I know deep down that Nokie would have wanted his personal possessions to go to his wonderful fans the world over to keep him alive in your heart. We have set up a special page on this site whereby you can choose what you would like to have to remember him. Directions will be in the sidebar on this page on how you can acquire the item(s) you would like to have.

What is on the site now is only a small amount of what Nokie accumulated over his long career. I will continue the sad and happy journey through every storage tub and will list new items as I discover them. These items are our history together through his world tours with The Ventures, concerts with other artists, and the good friends who meant so much to Nokie.

I realize these are hard times for us all. I hope those that can participate in this "Nokie Edwards Memorabilia Sale" will do so and help me through this transition of getting my life back together and moving forward. Please check back daily. We will be marking items either "sold" or "pending" and add new items as they are found. We will leave items up after they are sold for as long as we can so fans that could not participate in the sale can at least see them.
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Long live "The King of Guitar"...

Thank you sincerely,

Judy Edwards

(please follow this link to the Nokie Edwards Memorabilia Sale page)


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