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I would like all Nokie fan club members to know the only person in Japan authorized to represent the Nokie Edwards Fan Club and merchandise is Mr. Ryusuke Tomiyama of Hokkaido, and his staff.

Thank You,
Nokie Edwards


Now Available in Brown, Burgundy, Black, Natural, & White (natural shown)!

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Many of Nokie's fans have asked about his hand-made leather guitar strap that he has worn for the last several years. Now you can custom order your own. Nokie loves his strap because it doesn't cut into his shoulder. It has great craftsmanship and a soft padded backing that lays comfortably on your shoulder. There are two areas for adjustment to fit your style of playing. We can put any design or logo on five strap color choices: Brown, Burgundy, Black, Natural or White. Artwork color choices are: Gold, Silver, Black or White. 

We can do any design, name, nickname or logo that is sent with order. Please use the text field in the order button below to add your name or nickname. Logos must be sent as a vector based graphic in a separate email attachment. PDF format preferred. We also have our own designs, "Nokie", "HitchHiker", "Eagle", "Fish", "Country", "Arizona", "Country Western". If you give us a theme, we will make an awesome guitar strap you will be proud of.

The cost of guitar straps has gone up due to the cost of leather and labor. More samples of colors and designs will be posted in November. These are hand-made and it takes 30 days + shipping time. Orders outside the country may take a week to arrive after shipping. Shipping & Handling: $16.95.

Check out what our friend Johnny Hiland says about our guitar straps starting at 6:55! Watch the whole video, Johnny is a great guitarist!


Nokie's Hand-made Custom Guitar Strap

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