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I would like all Nokie fan club members to know the only person in Japan authorized to represent the Nokie Edwards Fan Club and merchandise is Mr. Ryusuke Tomiyama of Hokkaido, and his staff.

Thank You,
Nokie Edwards


Nokie Painting Suncatcher
Nokie Sun Catchers put a hole new meaning to "Let The Sun Shine"
The new Nokie Sun Catchers are beautifully hand-painted glass. They put a nice touch to your window. They are individually wrapped and ready to go. They are a must have to your Nokie collection.

Size: 10-1/2" X 7-3/8"
US Shipping & Handling $6.50
International Shipping + $1.25



Nokie Cartoon Suncatcher
Size: 7-3/8" x 10-1/2"
US Shipping & Handling $6.50






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