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I would like all Nokie fan club members to know the only person in Japan authorized to represent the Nokie Edwards Fan Club and merchandise is Mr. Ryusuke Tomiyama of Hokkaido, and his staff.

Thank You,
Nokie Edwards


NEW! 2015 Nokie Edwards 80th Birthday Japan Tour T-Shirt
Wow! 80 years and still the master! What a nice way to remember the event and celebrate the guitarist other guitarists still look up to! Black with white graphics only. Get one soon before they disappear! T-Shirt Sizes: M and XL.

NETS-06 Medium NETS-07 X-Large
SALE $25.00 $35.00  SALE $25.00 $35.00 

Nokie Edwards HitchHiker Guitars 2006 T-Shirt & Cap
Collectible brown cotton T-Shirt designed by Bob Sickler and modeled here by Dan Elliot. Our new cap is black with one-size-fits-all Velcro adjuster. (Please select T-Shirt size when ordering.) Cap Sizes: (adjustable). T-Shirt Sizes: M - XXL

CAP - NETS-05 T-Shirt - NETS-04
$18.00  $18.00 
(Out of Stock) (Out of Stock)

Nokie Edwards Music, Classic Car & Bike Festival 2003 T-Shirt
Collectible white cotton T-Shirt from Nokie's 2003 Music Festival. (Please select size when ordering.) Sizes XL & XXL.

(Out of Stock)

Nokie Edwards Music Fest 2002 T-Shirt
Collectible white cotton T-Shirt from Nokie's 2002 Music Festival. (Please select size when ordering.) Sizes XL & XXL.

(Out of Stock)

Nokie Edwards HitchHiker Guitar T-Shirt
Collectible white cotton T-Shirt featuring Nokie's custom HitchHiker guitar. Also back and side graphics. (Please select size when ordering.) $28.00 Sizes L & M.

(Out of Stock)




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